Liverpool Walk


It is possible to start this walk from any point on the route. Those arriving by public transport may wish to begin at Lime Street Station. There are car parks all around the City, mostly reasonably priced and well signed. I suggest a start from the “Waterfront” multi-storey car park near to the Echo Arena. 


  1. Leaving the car park via one of the doors on its Western side, nearest to the River, turn right and walk past the Convention Centre and the Echo Arena towards the big wheel.
  2. Pass the big wheel to the left, down some very shallow, irregular steps. And beware.
  3. Cross the narrow dock and head straight for the centre of the Albert Dock’s Britannia Pavilion. Enter through the double glass doors, just to the right of “The Beatles Story.”Inside the Albert Dock, either walk all the way round or turn left and go clockwise, right at the first corner and then along the long unbroken Western side, past the Tate Gallery.
  4. At the far end of the Dock, go as straight on as it is possible to do, past the statue of Billy Fury and cross the bridge over the lock gate.
  5. Walk towards the large rectangular window of the Museum of Liverpool and past its left side, with great views across the Mersey to Birkenhead.
  6. Once past the Museum, you will see ahead and slightly to the right, a new stretch of canal and, over to the left, the Cup-winning Ferry Terminal Building.
  7. Walk along the side of the canal, taking care on more irregular, modern steps, towards the Three Graces.
  8. Take Brunswick Street, between the Port of Liverpool and Cunard Buildings and pass, on your right, the Mersey Tunnel Building with its green Mersey Tunnel kiosk. Cross the main road and on the far side turn left and then turn right up Water Street.
  9. At the top of Water Street, with the Town Hall on the left, turn right down Castle Street. Carry straight on where it becomes pedestrianised.
  10. At Derby Square turn left down Lord Street. After crossing to the right side of the street carry straight on where it becomes pedestrianised. Turn right into Paradise Street.
  11. After passing the John Lewis Department Store, cross Hanover Street at the pedestrian crossing, then turn left into Argyle Street.
  12. Turn left into Campbell Street and then almost immediately right into Henry Street.
  13. Turn left into York Street then first right into Duke Street, the main Ropewalks thoroughfare.
  14. Continue along Duke Street then turn left into Colquitt Street then left again into Parr Street. After crossing Suffolk Street, the road widens at Wolstenholme Square.
  15. Leave the Square at the far end, Gradwell Street. Turn right into Hanover Street. Cross the road and take the second left into School Lane.
  16. At the end of School Lane, turn right into Paradise Street, which soon becomes Whitechapel. After crossing the Church Street/Lord Street junction, turn left into Button Street, immediately right and then left into Matthew Street.
  17. At the top of Matthew Street, under the statue of John Lennon high on the left, turn right into North John Street and then almost immediately right again into Victoria Street.After about 500 metres approach the group of magnificent buildings on either side of William Brown Street. Cross the road and enter the St John’s Gardens.
  18. Leave St John’s Gardens at the top left corner, to the rear of St George’s Hall and cross William Brown Street. Walk down to the left to visit the Liverpool Central Library.
  19. Continue up William Brown Street. The next major building is the Walker Art Gallery.
  20. Moving up William Brown Street, the next major building is the County Sessions House.
  21. Cross the top of William Brown Street and walk across the open space, at the Centre of which is the Wellington Column.
  22. Leave the Column and walk right to the steps and pillars at the front of St George’s Hall.
  23. Cross the road (Lime Street) to Lime Street Station.
  24. At the foot of the station steps turn right along Lime Street (or left if you are starting the walk here and have come out of the station)   and enter Renshaw Street.
  25. After passing the Adelphi on your left cross the foot of Brownlow Hill and bear left up Mount Pleasant.
  26. Turn left to visit the Catholic Cathedral up the grand modern staircase.
  27. Cross Hope Street to walk along the right-hand side of Hope Street, passing the Everyman Theatre on the left.
  28. Continue along Hope Street to the Philharmonic Hotel, on the right just before the junction with Hardman Street.
  29. Turn right out of the Philharmonic and cross Hardman Street to continue along the right side of Hope Street.
  30. Turn right into Hope Place.
  31. At the bottom of Hope Place turn left into Pilgrim Street. At the end of Pilgrim Street, cross the road (Upper Duke Street) and turn right along its far side towards the Anglican Cathedral entrance.
  32. Past the Oratory turn left and walk up to the Cathedral entrance.
  33. Leaving the Cathedral, turn left down Upper Duke Street. At the junction with Great George Street, cross the road to the left and walk under the Chinese Arch.
  34. Walk down Nelson Street through Great George Square.
  35. Turn right into St James Street and continue as it becomes Park Lane.
  36. At the end of Park Lane, turn left into Liver Street which leads to the main Waterfront Road, opposite the Albert Dock. Cross the road and return to the starting position.