Superlative Walks

Urban and rural trails, each with something very special

Manchester - Cotton Fields

Hebden Bridge - Stoodley Pike

Hebden Bridge - Crown Point

Chester - Grosvenor Park

Chester - River Dee

Manchester - Ancoats

Ashton Memorial - Lancaster

Bridgewater Canal, Manchester

Castlefield, Manchester

Lancaster Canal and Lancaster Castle

St George's Hall, Liverpool

Burnley Roofs

Burnley Chimneys

Preston Avenham Park

About Us 

After retiring from full-time work, we – Andy, Chris, Martin and Roger – met to enjoy walks in a variety of locations at least once each month, in various parts of Northern England. During the Winter months, walking would often be cancelled due to poor weather and uncomfortable conditions. On such days, routes in urban areas offer more enjoyable alternatives – with walking on good surfaces and plenty of features of interest even in the most inclement conditions.


We found that, although there are countless published routes for walks in rural Britain, there is comparatively little information available, on the internet or in print, on options for walks in urban areas. Strolling around towns and cities is all very well, but keen walkers like a suggested route of a distance to give sufficient variety and exercise. Our preference is for walks of between about 4 and 10 miles, with plenty of interest along the way.


In the absence of a decent guide to walks in urban Britain, we decided to devise our own. A tradition developed whereby we would take turns to devise a route for one of our monthly walks. Each route author has to research it in advance, involving one or more visits to try out the route and sample venues of interest and catering options. Written directions and information about features to be visited en route are produced before the four of us walk the route. The route author also pays for lunch – which encourages the selection of economical catering venues as well as enjoyable ones.


After the first two or three walks, we found a common theme: each walk featured at least one example of a superlative. That became a requirement. Not only must the walk be interesting and enjoyable, it must include at least one superlative. 


From the launch of this website, we will continue to devise new routes and add them.