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Manchester - Cotton Fields

Hebden Bridge - Stoodley Pike

Hebden Bridge - Crown Point

Chester - Grosvenor Park

Chester - River Dee

Manchester - Ancoats

Ashton Memorial - Lancaster

Bridgewater Canal, Manchester

Castlefield, Manchester

Lancaster Canal and Lancaster Castle

St George's Hall, Liverpool

Burnley Roofs

Burnley Chimneys

Preston Avenham Park


There are many thousands of books and websites which describe routes for walks in urban and rural Britain. The founders of Superlative Walks have used many of them. We are often struck by the statements of the obvious found in the “advice for walkers” sections, which treat walkers as gentle innocent souls who cannot be trusted to look after themselves.  The modern mania for health and safety may also make the publishers of such material nervous that all possible hazards must be anticipated and warned against. We tend to feel that anyone capable of finding this website and making their way to the routes it describes should be able to take care of themselves.  But in case not, here is our version of the helpful hints often provided….

Do not wear unsuitable clothing or footwear.

Many of the routes follow busy roads.  Only cross roads when it is safe to do so. Remember to look left, look right and look left again.

When parking a car at the start of a route, observe and comply with road signs and markings. Where payment is required, this will be the responsibility of the driver or vehicle owner. The proprietors of this site accept no responsibility for parking fines or excess charges.

If walking with a dog, or other animal, keep it on a lead unless it is safe and sensible to do otherwise.

Where a route goes up a steep gradient take care not to walk too fast or shortness of breath may ensue.  If that happens, slow down, take deep breaths and, to avoid loss of face with fellow walkers, photographs.

In the event of illness, seek medical assistance.

In catering establishments ascertain, on entry, whether orders have to be placed at a bar/service counter or are taken by waiting staff at tables. Much time can be saved, especially in pubs, by placing orders at the bar if table service is not provided. Read menus carefully to avoid disappointment.

If an item of interest is too far away to see properly, we suggest you EITHER use a telescope or binoculars to get a better view OR walk towards the item to obtain a true close-up.


We welcome comments on our walks.

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