Superlative Walks

Urban and rural trails, each with something very special


This walk starts and ends in Worsley, a small town in the Borough of Salford, almost 6 miles west of Manchester. Worsley was first settled in Roman and Anglo-Saxon times but rapid development took place from the 18th century, based on coal mining, iron works, brick-making and cotton manufacture. The centre of Worsley, around the Bridgewater Canal, is a conservation area with many fine old buildings. The walk also visits Roe Green, another conservation area built around an impressive village green. The route is mostly flat and follows well-made paths and roads, with just a few short muddy stretches in woodland.

1.  This walk begins by the Bridgewater Hotel, (postcode M28 2PD) where there is a pay and display car park, at OS Grid reference 749103 on the Explorer map 277. Cross the road and turn left and then right by a small, half-timbered building at the entrance to a Dental Surgery. Take the path to the right of the surgery to the Packet House.

2.  Continue past the Packet House and cross the footbridge.

3.  After crossing the bridge go left into the Delph, a short leg of the canal leading to a rocky cliff.

4. Leave the Delph and walk up the path to the left of a white building.

5. Turn right at the road just past the Nailmaker’s House. Walk along Worsley Road, past the junction with Mill Brow, to the Green on the right of Worsley Road. Walk around the Green.

6. Return along Worsley Road and turn right up Mill Brow. Follow this into Worsley Woods, and, on the left, a lake retained by Old Warke Dam.

7. Continue along the path with the lake on your left and bear left at its end where paths cross. Go through the wooden gate to the left of The Lodge and continue along the path.

8. Follow the path under the M60 motorway and then turn left across a bridge, following the sign which says Beesley Green 720m.  When you reach a row of Tudor style cottages behind a fence and above the level of the path on the right go through a gate. The path bends right up to Beesley Green. 

9. Walk to the left of the bowling club. Cross the Green and to the left of the Beesley Green Community Centre.  Then turn right through a gate at the edge of a cricket field.  Take a short detour to the right to visit the cricket pavilion.

10. Return to the car park adjoining the cricket ground.Exit at the left corner of the car park, turn right and cross the bridge.

11.  As the road bends right cross to take a path crossing the green straight ahead. By the house at the right end of a row ahead of you bear left then follow the path to the right of a children’s playground. Note the Friends of Roe Green sign.

12.  Turn right along the road at the far side of the Green and walk as far as the Church on the left near the end.

13.  Cross the road opposite the church and enter a small triangular green with trees.

14. Cross the main road, Greenleach Lane, and turn right. Then turn left into Starkie Street, and walk down the steps at the end of the street. At the foot of the steps, turn left and follow the path, along the former railway line, passing under the M60 and under the next road bridge.

15.  After the road bridge turn left into an open area, left again and then up some steps into a small wood.  At the far side of the wood, pass through a gap in the fence and turn right into a lane.

16.  Follow the lane as it winds back and forth, at first unmade then with a concrete surface, with detached houses on both sides.  Pass Spring Clough on the right and then continue on Chatsworth Road.

17.  Pass the driveway of The Spinney and Glen Bank on the right then take the path to the right of a fence with houses on the left. Follow this path, which passes alongside a golf course on the right and then crosses a fairway on a worn path with white markings.  Beware of golfers and golf balls.

18.  After crossing the fairway, by a railing enter a wooded area then after 30 metres turn right along a path with the golf course on both sides. At the end of the golf course go straight on at a metal gate, pass Brackley Road on the left and a bowling club on the right. Turn right on a road before the roundabout.  On the left is Monton Green.

19.  After visiting the shelter turn right to cross the Green with the Church on the right and then Stableford Avenue on the right. Turn right at the roundabout, pass Duke’s Drive on the right and cross the canal bridge then turn right to access the towpath.  Take a detour right under the bridge to The Waterside pub.

20.  Return under the canal bridge and take the towpath 1.5km back to Worsley.

21.  Entering Worsley on the towpath, you will pass modern houses on the far side of the canal and then come upon a group of older buildings at a boatyard. 

22.  This is the end of the walk.